Help für Libya


here it all began , Of course we also continue to support projects in our own country



Help for Syria


We start the help for Syria. Medical supplies are already available for pick-up in Germany. This requires the co-operation with a Partnerorganistion, we are just in the process, we discuss with various organizations. A longer help is planned


informations you find here​watch?v=4QBnQLu4Fl8&feature=you​ 


next baby milk will arrive in the next days. We will  open a refugee assistance agency and also set up a camp for relief in the next time .... inshallah



Support for orphans


one Projekt we support in Libya

we would like to support other projects worldwide, some  we currently look. Details follow later


Famine across the Sahel - Zone

Our neighbors are our main focus ... Niger and Chad, where from May to September threaten serious shortages .... Projects are being prepared ...

This decision was published on 04/04/2011 ...

"until 22 November 2012 so that outcome, the airlines registered in Libya with immediate effect from aviation in the EU are excluded."   
We need to find another way, to bring food from Europe to our neighboring countries, all  our Libyan Airlines had agreed to help .... 


Support for Palestine

also here we want to be active


Natural disaster

worldwide,  for further information on this later

International woman´s projects

International Arabic Organization For Woman's Rights  
could  be one of our Partners    
information you find here, only in arabic, we still need a sponsor for this Project